Woman Allegedly Assaulted In St Julian’s And Has Necklace Stolen

A woman had her necklace stolen and suffered from minor injuries after she was allegedly assaulted by a man in St Julian’s.

The woman was attacked at around 6pm on Sunday evening along Triq Ta’ Giorni when it was still practically broad daylight. 

“I just want to shed light on what happened to me last Sunday, while I was walking in Triq ta’ Giorni. I saw a man on the other side of the road and I continue walking as I thought it was a normal stranger who was passing by,” the victim told Lovin Malta following the attack.

“But all of a sudden he crosses the road and he starts attacking me on my back.”

“He held my head and he wanted to break my neck. I started moving to remove his hands and I fell on the floor, yet he was still not removing his hands on my neck.”

“I started shouting for help and at that point in time I managed to get up, but he took my necklace. He then made a run for it and one passerby called the police to report that an incident had happened, but the man had run away with his car,” she explained.

“He left me with all the bruises. I just want to make people aware because the man is still running around outside,” she said. 

Upon receiving the victim’s recount, Lovin Malta reached out to the police to check whether a police report was placed. 

“The Police received a report on 30th July, that while a woman was walking in Triq Ta’ Giorni, St Julian’s, she was allegedly assaulted by an unknown person and a necklace was stolen from around her neck,” a police spokesperson confirmed.

“A search for the suspect and police investigations are ongoing.”

What do you make of this assault?

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