Watch: Mississippi Lego club outfits injured turtle with new wheels

Feb. 23 (UPI) — A Mississippi box turtle that lost his back legs is getting around on his own again thanks to a set of wheels custom built by a team of young Lego enthusiasts.

The turtle, named Lt. Dan in honor of the legless character from Forest Gump, was brought to the Central Mississippi Turtle Rescue in September after losing his back legs due to being hit by a car.

Jennifer Westrich took Lt. Dan home as a foster pet.

“These are marks from just scrapes, wear and tear, from only having the two legs because he can’t really get his shell up off the ground,” Westrich lego-club-gets-injured-animal-moving-again/”>told WREG-TV.

The First Lego League in Desoto County, which is composed of schoolchildren ages 9 to 14, took on the task of restoring Lt. Dan’s mobility.

The team worked for two hours to assemble Lego pieces into a sturdy wheelchair for the turtle.

“It is really cool to see a turtle in its own tiny car,” First Lego League member River DeHaven said. “Being able to let the turtle go outside and enjoy itself was definitely a good feeling.”

Westrich said in a Facebook post that the wheels will help the turtle “explore the outdoors when the weather warms up.”

She said the turtle will likely have a permanent home with her family.

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