The Hair Brush Jennifer Aniston Used to Style Her Own Hair Is on Sale for Just $11

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It has the stamp of approval from over 13,000 five-star shoppers, too.

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There are very few people in the world who could make me jennifer-aniston/jennifer-aniston-ibiza-boar-hairbrush” data-ylk=”slk:pay attention to a hairbrush;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “>pay attention to a hairbrush, but aniston-natural-wavy-hair-selfie” data-ylk=”slk:Jennifer Aniston’s hair;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “>Jennifer Aniston’s hair is practically a celebrity in its own right. When she shared an Instagram video styling her own hair in 2021, I picked apart the products. Naturally, the video featured Aniston’s brand, Lolavie, but it also displayed the very affordable bright teal Wet Brush Pro Flex.

Jennifer Aniston’s beauty routine is a mixture of high- and low-priced products — which is great, because spending upwards of $200 on a facial toning device can set you back. The Wet Brush Pro Flex is affordable even at its full price of $15, but even more so now that it’s 30 percent off at Skinstore.


Shop now: $11 (Originally $15);

Sure, the price tag is enough to initially draw us in, but according to the 13,000-plus five-star ratings and reviews across retailers like Ulta and Amazon, it earns its keep, too. The zigzag style of the bristles is not merely for aesthetics — Wet Brush says the vents are to help speed up dry time which reviewers say it in fact does. The concave shape is also utilitarian; it gives the Wet Brush flexibility, which allows it to bend with the curves of your head.

Shoppers have found a couple of additional, unlisted benefits. The first is that it pulls less on strands and the scalp, thereby causing less hair loss and shedding. The other punch this $11 brush packs is that it’s dispersed long bristles that dozens of reviewers feel like a scalp massage (which one study tied to hair growth).

I would personally take this opportunity to buy three brushes — one for my shower, one for my gym bag, and one for my travel dopp kit. Head to Skinstore to shop the $11 Jennifer Aniston-used brush while it’s on sale and in stock. 

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