12 bad behaviours all wedding guests should avoid

This year has been a busy one for weddings with several events that were cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic now going ahead. But with two years passing without major events, some people seem to have forgotten how to behave in formal settings such as weddings.

So before you attend your next wedding, maybe take some of these things into consideration.

Here are 14 bad behaviours to avoid as a wedding guest.

Showing up late to the ceremony

Listen, this one seems like an obvious one but there are some people who still show up late and interrupt the ceremony trying to find an empty seat. If you show up late and the couple is mid-vows, don’t go into the ceremony space. Before you go in, wait for an appropriate break in the ceremony – when the guests cheer during the first kiss, when the couple breaks away for the signing of the certificate, etc. Don’t do anything that may distract from the couple. This is their day, not yours. If there’s no appropriate break, then I guess next time you’ll remember to be on time.

Getting in the way of the photographer

Seriously, get out of the way! Dmytro Sheremeta/Shutterstock

Again, this may seem obvious. But the number of people that insist on getting 1,000 pics of the couple on their iPhone 7 is ridiculous. The couple has paid good money for the photographer(s) to be there, so please, please, PLEASE put your phone down. A lot of couples will opt to have an “unplugged” ceremony, so make sure you check for signs stating as much and keep your phone in your pocket/bag. And while you’re at it, mute your ringer!

Tip for the parties getting married: You can always do a photo minute allowing the guests 60

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