Mann and Co. Bakeshop: Jujhar Mann shares big plans for new bakeshop

Jujhar Mann has been extremely busy.

The 23-year-old pastry chef and baker from Surrey runs his own business on Instagram and was formerly a competitor on the Food Network Canada’s Great Chocolate Showdown in 2020.

These accomplishments all occurred while Mann was a student at Simon Fraser University, completing a degree in marketing, while also completing pastry school alongside world-renowned pastry chef Amaury Guichon.

Mann shows no signs of slowing down, either, as he’s currently in the works to expand his online bakeshop – called Mann and Co. Bakeshop – into a brick-and-mortar storefront, all while tackling a busy wedding season.

mann and co.

Courtesy Jujhar Mann

Ahead of the bakeshop’s projected opening this fall, Dished had a chance to chat with Mann about what led him here and what kind of wildly ambitious plans he has for his future.

“My love for baking started when I was in Grade 4,” Mann shares. This love affair started, at least in part, from his obsession with baking shows, he says.

“Being a South-Asian male, baking isn’t something supported in my culture as a career path, so I knew this is something I would never do,” he says.

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Courtesy Jujhar Mann

Apparently, though, fate had other plans, because shortly after Mann started university in 2018, he began baking as a creative outlet. He started his Instagram page to share his baking creations and, shortly after that, “this hobby became a small business.”

By 2020, Mann had applied to be on Great Chocolate Showdown, an experience he says was amazing but also “super stressful.”

mann and co.

Courtesy Jujhar Mann

“Filming a show is no joke. During these few weeks, we were fully committed to filming, waking up early

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