‘I am surprised this was not the norm’

A retail worker issued a PSA on TikTok: Wash clothes after you buy them.

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Content creator @octagonglasses revealed that when she worked at a clothing store, there was one unhygienic practice she felt was “gross.” It was something her coworkers did that left her unsettled. While she isn’t sure if it’s a “common practice” or just where she worked, she felt it was important enough for shoppers to know.

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“We weren’t allowed to wear clothes from other brands or other stores. The manager especially liked it if you wore stuff from the new collection,” she said.

However, most of the employees didn’t shop at the store or want to buy the clothing. The solution was to grab items from the rack, wear them during the shift, then re-tag them and put them right back up for sale.

“You work all day. You’re sweating,” she explained. “I always thought it was really gross. So I guess this is my PSA to you. Please wash your clothes after buying them.”

People shared their experiences with buying new clothes on TikTok.

“The store I worked for steamed the clothes before putting them back. Which is nice,” a user replied.

“Customer asked for the size I was wearing, I ‘checked’ in the back just to change in a bigger size for me so she could try mine without her knowing,” another added.

“That’s why I wash every item after buying, even jackets and socks, just gives me peace of mind,” a TikToker said.

“Our store also had this, and yes really gross. also the stress of picking something before opening!”

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