10 Pieces of Turquoise Jewelry Worth Investing in, From Harry Winston to Irene Neuwirth and More

Few stones inspire thoughts of summer quite like turquoise, offered in vivid hues ranging from a clear, pale blue sky to a robin’s egg tone or a deep azure that conjures images of Caribbean waters. Indeed, the range and individuality of turquoise available in the market allows the wearer to select pieces that feel decidedly one of a kind and personal—and with a little education, also keep an eye out for truly special stones.

Turquoise is typically graded using three factors: color, texture and the presence or absence of matrix, the name ascribed to the dark inclusions seen in the stone, which represent the remnants of the rock surrounding a vein of turquoise. Because it’s formed by a chemical reaction when water rich in minerals like copper and aluminum leak through rocks, the presence of matrix in turquoise is highly common, while its absence also typically signals a rare and valuable stone. The exception is Lander Blue turquoise, with unique spiderweb-like veining on deep blue stones and named for the small Nevada mine where this exceedingly rare stone was discovered. Stones often take their names from their place of origin, from the Kingman and Sleeping Beauty turquoise mined in Arizona to Persian Blue stones mined in Iran.

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No matter what type of turquoise you prefer, its versatility is undeniable. In the sultry days of summer, it’s a stunning piece to wear with any color, but a brilliant piece of turquoise set in yellow gold and worn with white? That’s the essence of summer glamour. Here’s a look at the latest pieces to add to your August wardrobe.

Harry Winston

Harry Winston Fiji Necklace - Credit: Harry Winston

Harry Winston Fiji Necklace – Credit: Harry Winston

Harry Winston

Fiji necklace from Harry Winston’s 2022 “Majestic Escapes” high-jewelry collection is crafted of turquoise cabochons, blue

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