Terraria 1.4.4 wolf necklace evokes Zelda: Twilight Princess

Terraria fans with a penchant for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess are in luck, because a new Terraria 1.4.4 accessory coming to the crafting game’s Labor of Love update allows players to transform into a wolf in the style of Link in the GameCube game. The wolf form gives players more mobility but still allows them to use their regular equipment.

The new item was revealed in a special video by YouTuber ChippyGaming, who was given the opportunity to show it off as thanks for their continued support of the indie game. To demonstrate it, Chippy has to create a special character called ‘Wolfpet,’ but Re-Logic developer Whitney ‘Cennxx’ Spinks confirms that the item will also be obtainable via normal means in update 1.4.4.

Once in-game, he notes that a new item – Lilith’s Necklace – is equipped to his character’s mount slot, which says that it “Grants the wearer the power of the wolf.” Upon pressing the mount button with the item equipped, Chippy’s character is instead transformed completely into a wolf.

Rather adorably, the finch nest which players start the game with in its creative Journey Mode, which is normally perched on top of your characters head, instead nestles comfortably along the wolf’s back. Chippy jokes that he hopes the pair make an appearance in the upcoming Terraria graphic novel.

While in wolf mode, the character runs at rather high speed, comparable to some of the faster mounts. It also has a pretty formidable leap, managing to clear the tops of nearby trees. Chippy also tests out several items, most of which seem to work normally. Some look a bit strange, such as the shortsword, which pokes out awkwardly from the wolf’s chest.

However, the axe and pickaxe animations are great – the wolf moves his

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