Gifts for your HBCU bae this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day tends to bring out the love language of gift-giving, and if you’re romancing a bae that stands ten toes down on HBCU culture, then consider adding a few of these items to your gift list.

Maybe you and your Valentine’s date met at an HBCU. Perhaps your partner attended one. Or it might just be that the beauty of your Black love appreciates the HBCU aesthetic. No matter the case, this list is curated by Reckon’s HBCU and Blackness reporter, also an alumnus of North Carolina A&T State University, and offers a little something that caters to the adoration of HBCU style and culture as you shop for your date.

Ralph Lauren Collection with Spelman and Morehouse College’s ($$$$)

The partnership between these two HBCUs and Ralph Lauren is designed with a historic vintage theme meant to invoke pride and prestige in every thread from the Morehouse Collection Polo Coat at $2,500 to the iconic and staple white Spelman Collection Wrap Dress at $350.

While this collection is on the pricier side, it is perfect for your HBCU vintage bae who likes to support young Black designers.

Telfar bag ($$$)

The Telfar brand has more to offer than just its signature bags. They now have wallets ($144), puffer coats ($400+) and durags ($90). Everyone — from college students matching their Telfar bags to their outfits to even Queen Latifah dripping in a white Telfar beanie and sweatshirt to an NBA game — is wearing Telfar from head to toe and maybe your HBCU Valentine’s bae might want to too.

Telfar is a luxury brand, so its prices reflect that but if your Valentine’s is a ‘material (insert gender identity here) then adjust your budget.

Culture Tags card game ($)

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