6 steps to creating patient trust in telehealth

With Covid-19, came a flood of new telehealth (virtual consulting) healthcare solutions, exposing more patients to its benefits and features. More advertising, more awareness and more conversations have introduced telehealth to a broader public, and this can only be good for everyone. The question remains though, how do we create that trust in telehealth for a patient, so that they turn to it the next time they need healthcare?

6 steps to creating patient trust in telehealth

Possible contenders for understanding the dynamics could include, different patient demographics, or the fact that the solution on offer is easier to navigate in one practice than another. The following are recommendations and tips, for healthcare providers in general, who are looking to incorporate formalised telehealth into their practices.

1. Be the one to Introduce the benefits of telehealth and start the conversation

I was in conversation with a provider, and asked: How did you get telehealth so right, so quickly? He said, I tell my patients that they are crazy if they don’t use it. He speaks to them about it in his rooms and he makes it part of his consultation. He focuses on the benefits of telehealth to the patient, such as the convenience factor, the fact that they save time and money by not having to drive to his rooms. He makes mention of the fact that he can generally extend care on the very same day, while charging them less, and often gives a free consult for making use of his solution. He also remarks that his patients, whilst generally aware of telehealth as a solution, only begin to trust the service once he has introduced the subject.

2. Market your service

The problem with telehealth is getting patients to know that healthcare providers actually offer it. It potentially takes a fair amount of time and

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