How to sell your clothes in Vancouver for extra money

Secondhand marketplaces are the new side hustle.

Inflation this, cost of living that, simply breathing these days feels like it’s costing money.

To cope with increasing financial burdens, many people are turning to side hustles including selling their clothing online. Often our closet loses its lustre and we feel like we have nothing to wear because our pieces seem tired or over-worn but that doesn’t mean someone else would feel that way. 

The secondhand market is thriving with more opportunities to thrift clothing than ever before and there are designated sellers popping up in Vancouver all the time. These businesses are carving out niches for themselves all over the city in different areas like luxury fashion, pre-loved Y2K, vintage clothing, and streetwear. They are curating secondhand clothing in such a way that these pieces are given a second life and their value is reframed to make them seem desirable again.

Recycling and revitalizing clothing in this way is more environmentally responsible than simply disposing of it but it can also generate revenue if done right. It also doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing process, there are plenty of ways for people to casually dabble in selling their clothes to make a bit of money on the side.

Selling through a consignment store

There are consignment stores in Vancouver that will sell your clothing on your behalf and then offer a commission when the piece sells. The majority of them only accept luxury pieces but Turnabout and Front & Company will take other high street brands so long as they are in good condition and aren’t fast fashion.

Turnabout will only accept items with a recognizable label that are in season (so if you have summer dresses to sell it’s better to wait until next spring to bring them in). They

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