You be the judge: should my mum stop telling me to remove my body hair? | Family

The prosecution: Imani

Mum has strong ideas on how I should present myself and calls my body hair ‘unladylike’

My mum is always nagging me about my beauty regime, which, as an adult, I find annoying. She is always telling me what to do with my body hair.

I think her sentiments are a product of her cultural upbringing. We are Muslim and Middle Eastern, and Mum has always had strong opinions about how to present as a feminine woman. Waxing my leg hair, bikini area, arms and upper lip was encouraged from the moment I started to develop at 14, and I know her mother suggested the same when she was growing up.

But as I’ve got older, I’ve rejected some of these norms. I don’t really shave or wax my legs and arms any more as I can’t be bothered. I’ve had boyfriends and they don’t care. In the UK, we spend so much time covered up, I don’t think it’s necessary to be worried about hair all the time.

I’ve taken to growing my underarm hair in the winter, so it’s quite long now. I reckon it’s because I went away to university in Germany two years ago and found more women who thought like me. I also learned a lot of feminist theory that supported my ideas.

But after I graduated and moved back home, my mum called my body hair “unladylike”. I ended up giving in and waxing again a few times. The one thing I could never stop waxing, however, was my upper lip. Growing up, my mum always threaded hers, but a few years ago she got this battery-powered hair remover and I started nicking it

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The style hack of the moment? Just add another necklace | Women’s jewellery

I bring excellent news of an easy new-season style hack. It fits anyone, flatters everyone, won’t have you shivering or give you blisters, and will lift your look and your spirits whether you are going to work, going out for dinner or going nowhere at all. You probably don’t even need to buy anything. Do you own more than one necklace? Sorted. Because that’s what this is. That’s the style update of the moment, right there: wearing two or three necklaces at once.

It’s that simple. Last year was all about curating your earlobes. Perhaps you now have more piercings on one ear than the other. A mix of studs, mini-hoops and statement pieces, right? Well done you. But even if you are still wearing just the two earrings, that’s fine too. Just whack in a pair of hoop earrings – ideally ones that are a bit wonky as if you dented them in your workshop while doing something vaguely artisanal – and be done with it, because the style spotlight has moved on from the curated ear to our next assignment, which is the double (or triple) necklace. One necklace looks pretty. Two or three necklaces looks even prettier, and cooler to boot.

I began necklace layering by accident, as I have a chunky, blunt-linked Missoma gold chain I’ve worn most days since for ever. Then last year I fell in love with a vintage-look lock pendant by Kirstie Le Marque and I didn’t want to give up either so I started wearing them both together. Before long, just one necklace started to read as a bit basic. Recently I came across a longer necklace I’d forgotten about – a gold bar on a long chain – and now I’m tripling up most days.

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