How to grow potatoes in a bag: everything you need to know

Learning how to grow potatoes in a bag will open up a whole new world of gardening potential. An extremely easy vegetable to grow, potatoes offer a high-yield for very low output – they’re a great choice if you’re new to growing your own vegetables. Find out how to grow potatoes with our step-by-step guide – perfect for your vegetable garden ideas.

Potatoes are also best grown in containers due to their propensity to spread into all the soil available to their tuberous roots. They are also difficult to harvest in raised beds or borders, often leaving behind unwanted ‘volunteers’ that will start their own unwanted potato plant the following year.

Therefore, knowing how to grow potatoes in a bag offers one of the best options for growing your own, both in terms of ease of harvest and versatility. ‘You can even have potatoes in a tiny rented plot. Grow them in a potato bag or sack and you’ll be able to move house without unearthing your sack of spuds,’ says Amateur Gardening (opens in new tab) magazine’s Tamsin Westhorpe.

How to grow potatoes in a bag – preparation

There are three things that you will need before starting to learn how to grow potatoes in a bag for your kitchen garden. These are: chitted seed potatoes; compost; and a bag.

Chitting potatoes helps to accelerate the growth of your potatoes. Stand the seed potatoes in egg boxes and place in a light and cool, but frost-free, place. Light is vital so a windowsill in a porch or outside in a glass greenhouse are an ideal place to place your potatoes to chit. 

‘Keep an eye on your potatoes whilst they chit and wait for strong, short green shoots to appear (4-6 weeks) about 2-3cms long from the eyes

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