Baggage handler reveals what it’s really like in the belly of the plane & some people are horrified

A BAGGAGE handler has revealed what it is really like in the hold area of the plane – and many people are horrified.

Most holidaymakers don’t think about how their suitcase actually gets to their end destination.

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Chris Simonsson often posts videos about his daily life as a baggage handlerCredit: TikTok/wheos_ _
Chris showed his followers what it's like to pack 110 bags onto a plane


Chris showed his followers what it’s like to pack 110 bags onto a planeCredit: TikTok/wheos_ _

But many have started taking note after one baggage handler filmed himself packing bags into an aircraft.

Chris Simonsson, who is known as “wheos_ _” on TikTok, often posts videos about his daily life as a baggage handler.

In a recent video, Chris showed his followers the ins and outs of packing 110 bags into the belly of a plane.

He starts off by unfurling a roller that helps to move the bags from the entrance to the back of the plane.

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Chris then does a few push-ups before he starts stacking the bags to fill the space in the hold area.

The time-lapse video slowly moves through the plane as he continues to methodically load the bags.

Along the way, Chris stops for a quick lie down across a suitcase until he’s left flashing a big thumbs up to the camera once he’s finished stacking the bags.

The viral video has had over 7.8 million views and has been liked more than 300,000 times.

Thousands of users rushed into the comments to share their

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