Robber ripped necklace from Bedford woman, 96, after she made him a cup of tea

A man who robbed a 96-year-old woman in her own home after she had made him a cup of tea has been jailed for four years.

Sabir Makein, 37, snatched the victim’s gold necklace from her neck after forcing his way into her flat in Bedford.

The court heard that just minutes before the elderly victim had taken pity on Makein after seeing him outside her flat on a cold day last September.

She made him a cup of tea and passed it to him out of the window.

But shortly after finishing the drink, Makein tried to force his way in through the front door.

The elderly victim managed to block his way with her mobility trolley, but Makein was able to rip the necklace from her before running away.

Police said fortunately the woman’s wedding ring, which was hanging from the necklace, fell to the floor and was not taken.

Det Con Andy Boston, who led the investigation, said: “This was a despicable offence in which a woman was targeted because of her vulnerabilities.

“The victim believed that she was doing a good deed by offering Makein a cup of tea on a cold morning, which makes the crime even more reprehensible.

“Makein subjected his victim to a terrifying ordeal within her home, a place where we should all feel safe.”

Detectives from Bedfordshire Police’s specialist burglary team, Operation Maze, were able to trace Makein by piecing together CCTV footage that showed his movements leading up to and following the incident.

He was seen using an ATM machine immediately after the crime and detectives were able to trace the bank card used back to him.

Makein pleaded guilty to robbery at Luton Crown Court in November and was jailed last week.

It was one of the biggest news

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This Smart Necklace Helps Track Your Smoking Habits with Each Puff

This smart necklace will track every puff you smoke

This smart necklace will track every puff you smoke

Photo : iStock

Researchers have developed a smart necklace called ‘SmokeMon’ that helps keep a track of your smoking habits with every puff you smoke. The researchers at the Northwestern Medicine have developed a neck-wearable device that resembles a lapis blue pendant necklace that tracks heat when you smoke a cigarette. The necklace can also track how much a smoker inhales, and the time between puffs.
“We can detect when the cigarette is being lit, when the person holds it to their mouth and takes a puff, how much they inhale, how much time between puffs and how long they have the cigarette in their mouth, said senior investigator Nabil Alshurafa, associate professor at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.
“For many people who attempt to quit smoking, a slip is one or two cigarettes or even a single puff. But a slip is not the same as a relapse (going back to smoking regularly). A person can learn from slips, by gaining awareness that they did not fail, they just had a temporary setback,” Alshurafa added.

With the SmokeMon smart necklace, users can gain a better understanding of the relationship between tobacco-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease, diabetes, COPD, emphysema and chronic bronchitis by assessing chemical exposure.

The smart necklace has been developed to measure what’s called smoking topography which is essentially an assessment of how much carbon monoxide is a smoker exposed to and provides actionable insights to help those tryin to quit smoking.

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The style hack of the moment? Just add another necklace | Women’s jewellery

I bring excellent news of an easy new-season style hack. It fits anyone, flatters everyone, won’t have you shivering or give you blisters, and will lift your look and your spirits whether you are going to work, going out for dinner or going nowhere at all. You probably don’t even need to buy anything. Do you own more than one necklace? Sorted. Because that’s what this is. That’s the style update of the moment, right there: wearing two or three necklaces at once.

It’s that simple. Last year was all about curating your earlobes. Perhaps you now have more piercings on one ear than the other. A mix of studs, mini-hoops and statement pieces, right? Well done you. But even if you are still wearing just the two earrings, that’s fine too. Just whack in a pair of hoop earrings – ideally ones that are a bit wonky as if you dented them in your workshop while doing something vaguely artisanal – and be done with it, because the style spotlight has moved on from the curated ear to our next assignment, which is the double (or triple) necklace. One necklace looks pretty. Two or three necklaces looks even prettier, and cooler to boot.

I began necklace layering by accident, as I have a chunky, blunt-linked Missoma gold chain I’ve worn most days since for ever. Then last year I fell in love with a vintage-look lock pendant by Kirstie Le Marque and I didn’t want to give up either so I started wearing them both together. Before long, just one necklace started to read as a bit basic. Recently I came across a longer necklace I’d forgotten about – a gold bar on a long chain – and now I’m tripling up most days.

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Phuket gold necklace thief arrested, Pattaya thefts still unsolved

After an apparent rise in gold necklace snatching crime, police in Phuket have managed to nab one man accused of grabbing a necklace from a woman on her motorbike a few days ago. The necklace that was grabbed as the woman rode her motorbike was gold with a pendant attached and is valued at about 35,000.

The Deputy Inspector-General of Investigation at the Phuket City Police announced yesterday that they had picked up a man, whose full name was not released, that they believe to be the necklace snatcher. The man was found not in Phuket but off the island in Phang Nga, the province directly to the north. He was arrested at his home in Khok Kloi, Takua Thung District.

On Wednesday night, the thief on a motorbike grabbed the woman’s gold necklace worth about 35,000 baht. The victim, 25 year old Kawissara, said she was also driving her motorbike when the thief drove by and snatched her necklace off her neck. The incident happened in the island province’s main city district on Yaowarat Road in Samkong at about 8.20 pm.

Police investigators identified the man and an arrest warrant was issued by the Phuket Provincial Court on Saturday and officers immediately tracked him down and took him into custody. It is said that he confessed to the theft when confronted.

The man was taken into custody and held at the Phuket City Police Station. He faces charges of using a vehicle to commit a crime and fleeing the scene of the crime at night.

While justice was swift in this gold necklace theft in Phuket, there’s still a rash of as-yet unsolved gold necklace theft seeming to occur exclusively against Indian tourists around Pattaya. More than 10 such thefts have been reported, arousing suspicion of the inordinate number

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Woman Allegedly Assaulted In St Julian’s And Has Necklace Stolen

A woman had her necklace stolen and suffered from minor injuries after she was allegedly assaulted by a man in St Julian’s.

The woman was attacked at around 6pm on Sunday evening along Triq Ta’ Giorni when it was still practically broad daylight. 

“I just want to shed light on what happened to me last Sunday, while I was walking in Triq ta’ Giorni. I saw a man on the other side of the road and I continue walking as I thought it was a normal stranger who was passing by,” the victim told Lovin Malta following the attack.

“But all of a sudden he crosses the road and he starts attacking me on my back.”

“He held my head and he wanted to break my neck. I started moving to remove his hands and I fell on the floor, yet he was still not removing his hands on my neck.”

“I started shouting for help and at that point in time I managed to get up, but he took my necklace. He then made a run for it and one passerby called the police to report that an incident had happened, but the man had run away with his car,” she explained.

“He left me with all the bruises. I just want to make people aware because the man is still running around outside,” she said. 

Upon receiving the victim’s recount, Lovin Malta reached out to the police to check whether a police report was placed. 

“The Police received a report on 30th July, that while a woman was walking in Triq Ta’ Giorni, St Julian’s, she was allegedly assaulted by an unknown person and a necklace was stolen from around her neck,” a police spokesperson confirmed.

“A search for the suspect and police investigations are ongoing.”

What do

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99-year-old woman’s medic alert necklace saves her from home invasion attack, officials say

PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. (pittsylvaniacounty-sheriffs-office-investigating-robbery-assault/”WDBJ/Gray News) – A 99-year-old woman has her medic alert necklace to thank for potentially saving her life during a home invasion that left her wounded.

The Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office said deputies responded to a 911 call around 10:15 p.m. Saturday.

When they arrived at the home, deputies found the 99-year-old victim with a stab wound to the hand.

They said someone broke into her home, robbed and assaulted her. During the attack, the suspect also cut the cord to the victim’s house phone, preventing her from calling for help. That’s when her medic alert necklace came in handy.

The victim pressed the help button on the necklace, which alerted 911.

“The call actually came in from a medic alert necklace. The victim was able to make the call herself,” said Corey Webb with the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman was flown to a Roanoke hospital where she received seven stitches in her hand. She is now back home safely with her family.

Wallace Wimbush, the victim’s son, said he hopes his mother can get over the trauma.

“She’s hurt. She doesn’t understand why someone would do something to her, and she’s 99 years old. She doesn’t bother anyone,” Wimbush said. “You’re going to come in and mess up her entire life where she’s going to be hurt, anxiety that’s going to follow her for a lot of days.”

The suspect is still on the loose. K-9 units are helping with the investigation.

“Whoever you are, I hope we find you. I’m going to be out there. I’m putting money out there for reward. Whoever did this, we want to catch you,” Wimbush said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Pittsylvania County Crime Stoppers at 800-791-0044.

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Hailee Seinfeld’s Groovy Custom Necklace is 50% Off RN

“Hearst Magazines and Yahoo may earn commission or revenue on some items through the links below.”

Hailee Steinfeld has graced our IG feeds once again, and this time she isn’t giving us a BTS look at Hawkeye or belting her heart out — Hailee is serving us a full fashion moment and we are SO here for it.

If this summer heat has you feeling down, we’re here with good news — the matching set trend is still going strong, and Hailee wore the breeziest hot-weather interpretation of it the other day. In fact, the singer captioned her post, “wearing this all week.”

The former Barden Bella and current Kate Bishop posed for some selfies to show off her fave new ‘fit. Hailee donned an ocean-blue cropped button-down shirt and paired it with matching printed pants. The singer styled her crop top over a matching string bikini top for maximum beach energy, and casually pushed up her long sleeves. These photos are immediately going onto our summer fashion moodboards.

One fan commented, “STUNNING AF” and another wrote, “YOU ABSOLUTE ICON WE LOVE YOU” while Josh Gad (you know, the voice of Olaf from Frozen) jokingly commented, “Have the same shirt!”

Hailee took a nontraditional route when it came to her jewelry — the “Love Myself” singer accessorized with a necklace but chose to secure it onto a single belt loop as a waist chain rather than styling it around her neck. The customized pearl necklace shows off the word “COAST” in gold letters, and we found the exact piece so that you can cop one for yourself!

Hailey’s necklace is the Custom Groovy Gal Necklace from Fraiser Sterling. You can add up to nine custom letters to spell out your name, your BFF’s name, or your own personal

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Smart Necklace Can Track Blood Sugar Through Sweat

Jewelry of the future may be used not only as a fashion accessory, but also to monitor aspects of a person’s health, thanks to new research from The Ohio State University. Researchers there have developed a device that can be worn around the neck to monitor a person’s glucose levels from sweat excreted when he or she exercises, they said. It could one day be used as a way to help people with diabetes to keep track of their blood sugar without painful pin pricks, they said. The so-called “smart necklace” includes a typical clasp and pendant, but also features a battery-free, wireless biochemical sensor that researchers used to measure test subjects’ blood sugar through their perspiration, they said.

“Sweat actually contains hundreds of biomarkers that can reveal very important information about our health status,” Jinghua Li, assistant professor of materials science and engineering at Ohio State, stated in an article in Ohio State News. “The next generation of biosensors will be so highly bio-intuitive and non-invasive that we’ll be able to detect key information contained in a person’s body fluids.”

Indeed, scientists are finding human perspiration a useful natural component for novel wearable-device design. A research team from Penn State University already has used sweat to measure glucose with the development of a non-invasive patch-like sensor made with a nickel-gold alloy.

Meanwhile, engineers at the University of California (UC) San Diego developed a wearable microgrid that harvests energy from various renewable sources—including perspiration—to power small electronic devices.

Smart Necklace Design

While the smart necklace designed by the Ohio State team doesn’t use sweat to power the device, it does work without a battery by using a resonance circuit, which reflects radio frequency signals sent out by an external reader system for power, researchers said. The sensor is made

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