How middle aged women can look younger – face shape is ‘important’ spoke to two hair experts who advised what to do when your hair starts to change colour and texture as you reach middle age. They gave their best tips on which hair colour, style, and cut look best on middle aged women.

Polly Rhodes, hair colourist at Cally Borg Hair, said: “There’s definitely a stigma towards older women with longer hair, but you definitely shouldn’t feel obliged to chop some off.

“It’s a completely personal choice and shouldn’t be an expectation. If you do want to go shorter but you’re not ready to go short that’s absolutely fine – mid-length hair is very much having a moment.

“It’s so versatile and can look super chic. Mid-length hair can be kept simple depending on your lifestyle and how long you want to spend on your hair.”

How you cut your hair depends on your face shape, Polly stressed.

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Jaime continued: “Choosing a similar tone to your natural hair or a little lighter will disguise the greys you do have. When you have naturally dark hair and you go grey the contrast of the grey and the dark can make your roots extremely noticeable, and a root regrowth will start showing a couple of weeks after your hair appointment.

“Keeping your hair dark when going grey can unfortunately be higher maintenance, but in the meantime, there are plenty of cover up sprays and crayons that can see you through a bit longer to your next appointment.

“Blonde hair or lighter hair can go a lot longer without having colour done as the light hair and the grey aren’t much of a contrast, so gives the illusion of no roots.”

As for the best cut for middle aged woman,

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