Kanye West and ‘wife’ Bianca Censori wore identical black outfits while out in Los Angeles

The rapper Kanye West and his “wife” Bianca Censori were seen in Los Angeles wearing matching black outfits and shopping after stopping at a gas station, where they both went inside to buy a drink.

They then got back into Ye’s Mercedes Benz, and Bianca filled up the gas tank while talking to him. She was wearing a black button-up shirt, matching semi-transparent leggings, and knee-high leather boots with heels, while Ye was wearing black cargo pants and a shirt of the same tone topped with a leather bomber jacket.

Kanye West’s bizarre rant about the Jews, blacks and the ‘red press’

They were recently seen celebrating Valentine’s Day

Last week, the couple was seen spending Valentine’s Day with Russell Simmons and producer 88-Keys. The quartet was photographed leaving an AMC theater in Hollywood after watching the new movie “Infinity Pool.”

It seems that West no longer cares about being seen with his new woman, as they were spotted shopping at Balenciaga in Beverly Hills in January, months after the fashion house severed ties with West after his anti-Semitic diatribes on social media.

Censori and West got married in an intimate ceremony in Beverly Hills last month, but the couple has not obtained a marriage certificate to legalize their union. It is still unclear when the couple started dating, but Censori has been working as an architectural designer for Ye’s Yeezy brand since November 2020.

Although the ceremony was a surprise to many, the bride’s relative, Alyssia Censori, told the Herald Sun news outlet that she was “super happy for both of them.”

Ye married Censori almost two months after he and his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, finalized their divorce after seven years of marriage.

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Start building a sustainable wardrobe through thrifting

Gerald Dizon – Philstar.com

February 20, 2023 | 2:10pm

MANILA, Philippines — In a world of expensive everything—onions, oil, monthly bills, groceries and heck even your favorite fast food meal, what then is the last bastion of value shopping one can cling to? Well, one word: ukay-ukay.

Need to assemble an entire office wardrobe for cheap? On a desperate hunt for last-minute ensemble to some formal gathering? Or simply want to upgrade your closet for everyday wear? Ukay-ukay, more fondly nicknamed “ukay” by many, provides you with all manner of apparel that you need.

Thrifting is fashionable and sustainable

A phenomenon emerging from the eighties, stemming from an excess of humanitarian goods for calamity-stricken communities, the sale of and shopping for ukay-ukay (from the word “halukay” meaning “to dig”) quickly became prominent first in Cebu and Baguio, and eventually across the country over time.

Funnily enough, the craze has spread not only among regular Pinoys but also among celebrities.

Ukay-ukay is also known to come from a variety of sources, from the then excess donations from affluent countries, to the now more notorious company overruns and out-of-season discards from various retail giants abroad.

For the fast fashion industry, specifically, these excesses are grossly mishandled. They eventually end up in landfills that pollute the environment, causing harm not only to the planet but also to both human and wildlife with lasting effect.

It is in this regard that thrifting in the form of ukay-ukay, while not a wholesale solution to the fast fashion problem, is an important way to instead advocate for sustainable fashion. Acquire, not purchase; upcycle or recycle—these are the way.

Where to shop your ukay haul online

From humble, single-stall shops in your local plaza during weekend or night

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9 Long Skirt Outfits That Will Always Be Trendy

Photo Credit: Vicentiu Stupar via www.pexels.com

We all know about the mini skirt. It has had songs written about it, and it’s never far from our collective fashion consciousness. Hundreds of movies and TV episodes in the last couple of decades featured someone wearing a mini skirt to sexy effect. While the mini skirt is great, we shouldn’t forget about its sister, the maxi, also called the long skirt. While it’s not seen as brash as the mini, the long skirt can be sexy and flexible enough to go with many outfits. Here are 9 long skirt outfits that will always be trendy. 

Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes are a staple when it comes to long skirts. They have a way of elongating the figure, which makes them a perfect pattern for a skirt that lights your curves and hides your legs. You can choose any color and wear a plain white t-shirt or tank top for a pleasing contrast. If the weather is chilly, throw on a light or leather jacket. This look goes well with boots, but you can also pull off shoes. It makes the perfect outfit for a fall day or a day when it might fluctuate between cool and warm. 

Maxi Skirt With Off-Shoulder Top

When you go to a formal or semi-formal event, you want to look sexy yet elegant. The mini skirt can’t always pull that off, and the weather might not be appropriate. Luckily you have the option of a maxi to come through for those events, You could start with a solid color, like burgundy or yellow. Then, pair it with a lace top for a look that is both sexy and classy. You can also show some bosom if you’d like. For some added pop or to draw eyes, a skirt

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Danny Merrell Birthday Lesson, Don’t Try to Upstage George Strait

On August 7, 1964, at 11:05 a.m., a baby boy was born to Antonia and Kenneth Merrell at the Lockhart Hospital.  His parents, for whatever reason, were expecting a girl and they planned on naming her, Danielle.  From the beginning, I was full of surprises.

Today, I turn 58 years old, and what I have done on most of my birthdays since I turned 50, is to take a look back and what pearls of wisdom I have learned in the previous 365 days.  Sometimes, I’ll sit down with my children and pass those flecks of information to them.  Who knows, it may do them some good.

This year’s lesson – Don’t Try to Upstage George Strait…or Willie Nelson

I got my first radio job in Lockhart, Texas in 1979. It was 1060 KCLT. We played ‘Casual Country’, whatever the heck that meant.  I spun records on the weekends.  I’m talking literally, this was before CDs and hard drives, we had two turntables and two full walls of country songs on vinyl 45s.

In 1982, I caught a huge break and was hired to work as a part-time DJ at KASE 101 and KVET 1300 in Austin.  These were two of the best country radio stations in the state, and today they are still the leading country stations in the Capital City.  I was still a teenager and I had landed a dream job. A short time later, I started doing full-time overnights.

Country superstars frequently played in Austin, and our radio stations were always involved in promoting those concerts. That meant I got to go backstage and meet many of these artists.

What Happens When a Dumb Teenager Meets His Country Idols?

Here’s come the teachable moment, kids.  The correct answer should be, just be yourself and be kind

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Stunning diamond necklace tops Hong Kong tender

A jadeite bead and diamond necklace was the top-selling piece during the Sotheby’s Important Jewels tender in Hong Kong.

Created by jewellery designer Jacob & Co, the necklace sold for $US2.3 million ($AU3.3 million) on 19 July. The pre-sale estimate for the necklace wasn’t revealed.

Another top seller was a diamond and emerald parure from Chopard, selling for $US1.4 million ($AU2.02 million). The collection consisted of a pair of earrings, bracelet, and bib necklace.

Two other notable pieces included a necklace with a 15-carat pear-shaped D-colour internally flawless diamond pendant by Tiffany & Co, which sold for $US1.3 million ($AU1.87 million).

Graff’s 11.02-carat emerald-cut D-colour internally flawless diamond ring, flanked by tapered baguette-cut diamonds, went for $US963,068 ($AU1.39 million).

One item which comfortably exceed pre-sale estimates was a 20.09-carat emerald-cut diamond ring that sold for $US609,943. Prior to the auction, the ring was expected to fetch around $US380,000.

The London-based auction garnered a total of $US18.1 million ($AU26.1 million) in sales.

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17.5-carat diamond expected to fetch €1.5M in Monaco
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Another pre-auction estimate exceeded by spectacular diamond


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Gucci begins accepting ApeCoin for payments

Gucci begins accepting ApeCoin for payments as part of its Web3 plans. This is the first time a major brand has started accepting ApeCoin as a payment option. However, it is Gucci’s 12th cryptocurrency that they are accepting as payments. They also accept popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, SHIB, Litcoin, Wrapped BTC, USDT, USDC more.

Gucci now accepts ApeCoin

The luxury brand announced on Monday that they would be accepting Apecoin as a payment medium. It is currently available only in the US as not all countries allow for crypto to be used as a payment medium. Gucci has partnered with Bitpay to enable the payment option. They are a crypto payment processing company that has partnered with many big names to enable the crypto payment option for their businesses.

Gucci begins accepting ApeCoin for payments

Image Source: Coincu

Gucci has become one of the few major brands that have been working with crypto quite proactively. They have launched their own NFT collection and have launched special collections for BAYC owners and fans. The company is making the most of the hype that is currently surrounding the crypto and NFT market.

Apecoin also tweeted about the same, saying that Gucci became the first major brand to enable Apecoin payments.

Reaction from Apecoin fans

Everyone is pretty stoked about this step as Apecoin is in itself a community-driven project. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Twitter is brimming with tweets talking about Gucci’s steps. Users have been calling out the fact that more companies are embracing the Web3 space, and it seems Gucci is ready as well.

Apecoin is doing well

After the initial hype of the project, the price of Apecoin took a hit. But there is no point in blaming as the crypto market was done as a whole. However, in

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Woman Allegedly Assaulted In St Julian’s And Has Necklace Stolen

A woman had her necklace stolen and suffered from minor injuries after she was allegedly assaulted by a man in St Julian’s.

The woman was attacked at around 6pm on Sunday evening along Triq Ta’ Giorni when it was still practically broad daylight. 

“I just want to shed light on what happened to me last Sunday, while I was walking in Triq ta’ Giorni. I saw a man on the other side of the road and I continue walking as I thought it was a normal stranger who was passing by,” the victim told Lovin Malta following the attack.

“But all of a sudden he crosses the road and he starts attacking me on my back.”

“He held my head and he wanted to break my neck. I started moving to remove his hands and I fell on the floor, yet he was still not removing his hands on my neck.”

“I started shouting for help and at that point in time I managed to get up, but he took my necklace. He then made a run for it and one passerby called the police to report that an incident had happened, but the man had run away with his car,” she explained.

“He left me with all the bruises. I just want to make people aware because the man is still running around outside,” she said. 

Upon receiving the victim’s recount, Lovin Malta reached out to the police to check whether a police report was placed. 

“The Police received a report on 30th July, that while a woman was walking in Triq Ta’ Giorni, St Julian’s, she was allegedly assaulted by an unknown person and a necklace was stolen from around her neck,” a police spokesperson confirmed.

“A search for the suspect and police investigations are ongoing.”

What do

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A ‘boozy’ boutique: Two breast cancer survivors open new clothing store in Chamberlain – Mitchell Republic

CHAMBERLAIN, S.D. — What do you get when you combine two best friends who have shared an incredibly similar journey?

A boozy clothing store named the BFF’S Sip and Shop Boutique.

Rochelle Hopkins and Jen Lauritsen were diagnosed with the same breast cancer, shared the same oncologists and the same surgeons. Only when Lauritsen decided on a specific preschool did she, by sheer happenstance, run into Rochelle, and from then on, they were joined at the hip.

“It was an instant connection,” said Lauritsen, who’s originally from Mitchell. “We’d been through a lot of the same journey.”

Lauritsen credits the idea of BFF’S Sip and Shop Boutique to Hopkins, who she claims has always wanted to open a clothing store. Combined with the fun idea to be able to enjoy a beverage of the shoppers’ choice, BFF’S became a reality.

Theirs is a journey no one wants to travel, yet they have both stayed relatively optimistic in the face of adversity with the hopes of helping others stay positive.

“If I could go back and never have cancer, would I chose that? No, I wouldn’t,” Hopkins said. “It’s the reason I’m the person I am today and the reason I’m right where I should be.”

BFF’S Sip and Shop Boutique is much more than just a little shop for clothes — it’s a community for survivors like Laurtisen and Hopkins.

“The meaning behind the name is actually ‘Beauty, Fashion, Faith, Survivors’,” Lauritsen explained. “We really just wanted to create a community and support system for people who have been through similar experiences to ours.”

The community, in turn, has responded with unconditional support. After their grand opening at the end of May, sales have been up and everything seems to be going rather smoothly.

“The community has been everything,”

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