9 Long Skirt Outfits That Will Always Be Trendy

Photo Credit: Vicentiu Stupar via www.pexels.com

We all know about the mini skirt. It has had songs written about it, and it’s never far from our collective fashion consciousness. Hundreds of movies and TV episodes in the last couple of decades featured someone wearing a mini skirt to sexy effect. While the mini skirt is great, we shouldn’t forget about its sister, the maxi, also called the long skirt. While it’s not seen as brash as the mini, the long skirt can be sexy and flexible enough to go with many outfits. Here are 9 long skirt outfits that will always be trendy. 

Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes are a staple when it comes to long skirts. They have a way of elongating the figure, which makes them a perfect pattern for a skirt that lights your curves and hides your legs. You can choose any color and wear a plain white t-shirt or tank top for a pleasing contrast. If the weather is chilly, throw on a light or leather jacket. This look goes well with boots, but you can also pull off shoes. It makes the perfect outfit for a fall day or a day when it might fluctuate between cool and warm. 

Maxi Skirt With Off-Shoulder Top

When you go to a formal or semi-formal event, you want to look sexy yet elegant. The mini skirt can’t always pull that off, and the weather might not be appropriate. Luckily you have the option of a maxi to come through for those events, You could start with a solid color, like burgundy or yellow. Then, pair it with a lace top for a look that is both sexy and classy. You can also show some bosom if you’d like. For some added pop or to draw eyes, a skirt

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