Hair stylist named the most fashionable types of hairstyles in the upcoming season| BLiTZ

Among the options for collected hairstyles in the upcoming season, careless bunches will be in trend, and the most fashionable type of haircuts remains a bob. On February 15, makeup artist, hair stylist Ksenia Shcherbina told Izvestia about this.

“I always advise girls who want to be on trend, pay attention to how stars look on the red carpet, and look at fashion shows for more daring ideas. In terms of hairstyles, haircuts are undeniably important, and still in the trend are squares, elongated straight. Although actress Jenna Ortega brought chaos to the straight cut of the square, and appeared on the red carpet in a careless square, ”the expert noted.

Speaking about the fashionable types of collected hairstyles, Shcherbina drew attention to light, careless small bunches, as well as hairstyles using “crabs” or large hairpins.

“Also, smooth hairstyles, tight bundles and bunches of them do not leave us,” added the hair stylist.

On February 7, stylist Maria Sverdlikova listed the main fashion trends for the upcoming spring-summer season. According to her, the aesthetics of the 2000s remains the main trend in the fashion world and it will remain relevant in the upcoming season. So, one of the elements of this trend is a low rise.

In December 2022, stylist Lina Dembikova named body exposure as one of the main trends of the coming spring. Also, according to the expert, large collars and voluminous sleeves will be relevant.

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Hair stylist hopes to give MSU students ‘serenity’ by offering free services

Following the recent mass shooting on Michigan State University’s campus, Jordynn Greeson, a hair stylist at Capellini Salon in Okemos, stepped in to comfort students the best way she knows how – by doing hair. 

Greeson, who has been a licensed hair stylist for eight years, is from the Detroit area. She and her family moved to Okemos this November and she has been working at Capellini salon since January. 

Since Monday, Feb. 13, Greeson has been providing a variety of free hair treatments to MSU students. This includes haircuts, blowouts, conditioning treatments and silk presses. 

“I really wanted to make sure that everybody felt included,” Greeson said. “I didn’t want to limit the services that I was providing to one single person.” 

Going to the salon and getting her hair done is something that Greeson finds relaxing, so she wanted to provide a similar sense of peace to students impacted by Monday’s tragic events. 


Jordynn Greeson blow dries vet student Sonia Rafique’s hair on Friday, Feb. 17. Rafique got her hair done for the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine’s white coat ceremony, which took place Friday night.

After their services are completed, Greeson leaves students with a bag that includes self care items, her personal phone number and the number for a therapist who is offering free tele-health appointments to anyone impacted by the shooting. 

The therapist, who is Greeson’s personal therapist, is who first inspired her to offer these treatments. 

When Greeson showed up to her therapy appointment, they worked through ways to help her cope with the tragedy. The shooting hit close to home, as her cousin is a junior at MSU and her son attends preschool across the street from campus. 

After talking, Greeson and her therapist came to the conclusion that she is

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Can Caffeine-Infused Shampoo Boost Hair Regrowth? We Asked Hair Stylists.

Hair loss can have a dramatic effect on self-esteem. Losing the look of long, thick tresses is inevitable for many with age. However, with the right haircare products, a balanced diet, and the right cut, you can revive flat, thin hair. One hair product that’s been discussed in recent years with thinning hair is caffeine-infused shampoo. This hair loss treatment was designed to stimulate hair growth using caffeine extract.

We reached out to a professional hair stylist about what caffeine-infused shampoo is and if it can actually boost hair volume and regrowth. Read on for tips, suggestions, and insight from Gabrielle White, a board-certified beautician, hair stylist, cosmetologist, and co-founder of Dash Stylist.

Caffeine-infused shampoos

Caffeine-infused shampoos are hair care products that claim to treat hair loss. They contain caffeine that is usually derived from natural sources (like coffee or tea!) as one of their main active ingredients. The caffeine is then typically added to the shampoo in a concentrated form.

“The idea behind these shampoos is that caffeine can help hair growth and reduce hair loss. Caffeine is thought to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, which can improve the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles,” White explains. “It is also believed to block the effects of dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that is associated with hair loss.”

Caffeine, she says, is believed to stimulate blood circulation. In shampoo form, it can penetrate the skin and hair follicles. “Some studies,” White notes, “have suggested that caffeine may promote hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp and stimulating the hair follicles. However, these studies have typically been small and have not always used rigorous scientific methods.”

“One study published in the International Journal of Trichology in 2013 evaluated the effectiveness

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