The Hair Connection welcomes new stylist, lash artist

CONOVER — Don Beal, licensed barber, stylist, and owner of The Hair Connection in Conover, announced the addition of Carly Williams as a new hairstylist and lash artist.

“I am thrilled to have Carly join me,” Beal said. “She is a fine young lady, and she comes from a great family. Carly grew up coming to my shop with her dad and grandfather, so this place is home for her. I am excited about the variety of skills she brings to The Hair Connection. With her abilities, she can take care of the entire family!”

Williams graduated from Maiden High School and studied cosmetology at Catawba Valley Community College. She lives in Maiden and is the daughter of Aaron and Tara Moss Williams. She is the granddaughter of Ken and the late Paulette Moss, Steve Williams, and Pamela Frye. Prior to joining The Hair Connection, Carly worked in another salon in the area.

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Some of the services Carly can provide for customers of The Hair Connection include haircuts and color for men and women, lash extensions and tinting, eyebrow tinting, waxing, etc.

“I love everything about cosmetology, but I really enjoy doing hair color, and I think it is my strength,” she said.

When asked about her goals and long-range plans, she stated, “I like making people feel good about themselves. My goal is to please the customers and make sure they leave my shop feeling happy with the service I have provided. I want to continue to improve my skills by learning from Don Beal, build my clientele, and eventually own my own business.”

For anyone looking for a new hairstylist/lash artist, Don and Carly encourage folks to stop by The Hair Connection. Walk-ins are welcome or call for an appointment at 828-465-3018.

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Style pro shares ‘life-changing’ hack to get your tracksuit bottoms to the perfect length & all you need is a hair tie

HAVE you ever bought a tracksuit, only to find that it’s far too long in the leg for your body? 

One fashion fan found herself with the exact predicament, but later discovered a great style hack so that she could tailor it to her. 

A style fan has shared their tracksuit hack


A style fan has shared their tracksuit hackCredit: Tiktok – @lazulilabel
They said all you need is a cheap hair tie


They said all you need is a cheap hair tieCredit: Tiktok – @lazulilabel

Social media user lazuli,″ aria-label=”whose TikTok profile is @lazulilbel (opens in a new tab)”whose TikTok profile is @lazulilbel, said the trick worked a treat every time.

She also added that it was particularly helpful for shorter women who tend to have this problem more than others. 

In a video posted to their account, lazuli, told their 33.6k followers that it takes just seconds but is a “life-changing style hack for my short girlies that love sweatpants.”

They then recorded themselves demonstrating how it is done. 

I saved $300 on alterations with my fashion hack - it made me red carpet ready
I’m a size 24 - my easy fashion hack will hide your spare tyre belly

The first thing to do is take a plain hair tie that has a lot of stretch to it. 

Next, lazuli explained: “Put the hair band around your leg”. 

She showed how she placed it above her sock where your calves meet your ankles. 

The third step is to “fold the jogger/ sweatpant over the hair band.”

Once this part is done, simply keep folding upwards until you have your desired length.

Lazuli added that she knew it would come in extremely handy, as she wrote: “Thank me later.” 

And it seems her prediction was correct, as the video racked up 7654 likes and counting. 

Social media users and fellow fashion fans were also quick to comment. 

One wrote: “Life saver.”

A second said: “Genius.” 

A third was equally complimentary about the trick, as they typed: “I NEED

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The Hair Brush Jennifer Aniston Used to Style Her Own Hair Is on Sale for Just $11

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It has the stamp of approval from over 13,000 five-star shoppers, too.

<p>Getty Images</p>

There are very few people in the world who could make me jennifer-aniston/jennifer-aniston-ibiza-boar-hairbrush” data-ylk=”slk:pay attention to a hairbrush;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “pay attention to a hairbrush, but aniston-natural-wavy-hair-selfie” data-ylk=”slk:Jennifer Aniston’s hair;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “Jennifer Aniston’s hair is practically a celebrity in its own right. When she shared an Instagram video styling her own hair in 2021, I picked apart the products. Naturally, the video featured Aniston’s brand, Lolavie, but it also displayed the very affordable bright teal Wet Brush Pro Flex.

Jennifer Aniston’s beauty routine is a mixture of high- and low-priced products — which is great, because spending upwards of $200 on a facial toning device can set you back. The Wet Brush Pro Flex is affordable even at its full price of $15, but even more so now that it’s 30 percent off at Skinstore.


Shop now: $11 (Originally $15);

Sure, the price tag is enough to initially draw us in, but according to the 13,000-plus five-star ratings and reviews across retailers like Ulta and Amazon, it earns its keep, too. The zigzag style of the bristles is not merely for aesthetics — Wet Brush says the vents are to help speed up dry time which reviewers say it in fact does. The concave shape is also utilitarian; it gives the Wet Brush flexibility, which allows it to bend with the curves of your head.

Shoppers have found a couple of additional, unlisted benefits. The first is that it pulls less on strands and the scalp, thereby causing less hair loss and shedding. The other punch this $11 brush packs is that it’s dispersed long

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I asked my hairdresser to lighten my locks – my hair is destroyed, it’s three colours and 20 different lengths

A WOMAN has taken to TikTok to share how she was left stunned by her new hair – after a hairdresser ‘destroyed’ her long locks while trying to take her lighter. 

Mona revealed that she had asked the stylist to take her waist-length, dark brown hair blonde

Mona took to TikTok to share what happened when she asked her hairdresser to turn her long brown locks blonde


Mona took to TikTok to share what happened when she asked her hairdresser to turn her long brown locks blondeCredit: tiktok/@sonomonapr
Sadly it didn't quite go to plan as the bleach turned her hair various different colours and caused some breakage in the back


Sadly it didn’t quite go to plan as the bleach turned her hair various different colours and caused some breakage in the backCredit: tiktok/@sonomonapr

But unfortunately, it didn’t quite go to plan, and her hair ended up various different colours and lengths. 

Known online as @sonomonapr, regularly shares life updates with her 2,400 followers. 

In a new TikTok reel, she said: “How the hairdresser completely destroyed my hair. 

“I was so excited and I did a lot of research about this place!!!

I tried the half-and-half hair dye trend but it was a fail - I ended up in A&E
My BBL surgery almost killed me - the bum implant festered

“And then boom, my hair started to come [out]. 

“I couldn’t believe the result. It’s not even the colour I wanted.” 

During the 42-second video, Mona revealed what she was hoping to achieve – bleach-blonde locks with some lighter pieces running through. 

Instead, she ended up a mix of orange and brown, with randomly placed blonde highlights. 

And, due to the damage, there was also so breakage, leaving the back various different lengths. 

In another video, she added: “I know it’s not possible in one [sitting] and they promised me to do that in three. 

“But in the first one, all my hair’s burned!! I’m talking about the DAMAGE.”

Her failed hair transformation attracted plenty of attention online, gaining more than 14,700 likes and 879,000 views. 

In the comments, Mona’s followers shared their reactions – although many suggested Mona had unrealistic expectations.


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29 Khloe Kardashian Hair Moments That Serve as Major Style Inspo

<p>Khloe Kardashian</p>

After over 15 years of airtime on their family reality show, the Kardashian sisters and their hair have seen a lot of changes. Yes, these ladies love a good wig, sleep close to their extensions, and are best friends with their salaried hair stylists, so it’s no surprise. But after all the hair transformations we’ve witnessed on the fab five, Khloe’s serve as a wealth of inspiration. Sure, we know she frequents a bob-length haircut, but the versatility of how she’s worn that cut has made it look different every single time. Her cuts, colors, and styles are enough to scroll through if you need ideas for your hairstylist.

Below are 29 of Kardashian’s best hair moments to date.

Bronde Bangs

<p><a href=&quot;; data-component=&quot;link&quot; data-source=&quot;inlineLink&quot; data-type=&quot;externalLink&quot; data-ordinal=&quot;1&quot;>&amp;#64;KHLOEKARDASHIAN</a></p>

When Kardashian debuted this most recent color-cut combo, her Instagram comments section blew up with heart-eye emojis. She makes the slightly longer-than-brow-length bang seem like anything but an eye sore and makes a strong case for trying out a fringe.

Birthday Barbie

<p><a href=&quot;; data-component=&quot;link&quot; data-source=&quot;inlineLink&quot; data-type=&quot;externalLink&quot; data-ordinal=&quot;1&quot;>&amp;#64;ASH_KHOLM</a></p>

When throwing yourself a celeb-studded birthday bash, a Marilyn-inspired blowout will certainly give your shoulder-length cut some added glamour. Using a hot brush for quick results and effortless volume will turn some heads.

Over-directed Bob

<p><a href=&quot;; data-component=&quot;link&quot; data-source=&quot;inlineLink&quot; data-type=&quot;externalLink&quot; data-ordinal=&quot;1&quot;>&amp;#64;KHLOEKARDASHIAN</a></p>

The bevel on this bob is so chic, but for us, the over-directed side parting is what we really love about this look.

Long and Crimped

<p><a href=&quot;; data-component=&quot;link&quot; data-source=&quot;inlineLink&quot; data-type=&quot;externalLink&quot; data-ordinal=&quot;1&quot;>&amp;#64;JUSTINEMARJAN</a></p>

Extra long, single-lengthed hair is always fun, and we love the soft, modern approach to crimped texture here. It has more of that desirable I-slept-with-braids-in-my-hair-overnight look and less of that early aughts Lizzie McGuire throwback.

Sharp Lob

<p><a href=&quot;; data-component=&quot;link&quot; data-source=&quot;inlineLink&quot; data-type=&quot;externalLink&quot; data-ordinal=&quot;1&quot;>JUSTINEMARJAN</a></p>

A straight-haired lob doesn’t need to be devoid of volume. Here, Kardashian wears her lob with a natural amount of volume that gives her straight strands some life.

Full Bodied Waves

<p><a href=&quot;; data-component=&quot;link&quot; data-source=&quot;inlineLink&quot; data-type=&quot;externalLink&quot; data-ordinal=&quot;1&quot;>&amp;#64;JUSTINEMARJAN</a></p>

A full head of curls looks great on

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