Colorful winter brooches warm up cool outfits

Lori Verderame

Lori Verderame

When it comes to dressing up, the cold weather offers opportunities to add accessories to an outfit like scarves, gloves, hats, etc.

In winter, we tend to don our best clothes and jewelry to bring some sparkle to the somewhat dreary season. And when it comes to jewelry, albeit fine or costume, a big statement piece makes the outfit. While earrings and bracelets are must-have accessories, a brooch tops off any blazer, sweater or winter coat.

When it comes to winter brooches, there are some aspects of the popular keepsakes that should not be overlooked. Gemstones like opals, diamonds and aquamarines are often the choice of the season for their color when included in brooches. Precious metals like sterling silver and rose gold, yellow gold or white gold are always in fashion.

In the winter months, silver, platinum and white gold get the nod over other colored metals.


The importance of a brooch’s setting ― preferably in precious metals ― should not be overlooked. Look for classic settings like circles, wreaths, snowflakes or flower forms.

Prongs are a quality indicator for both fine jewelry or costume jewelry brooches. Look for prongs holding in crystals, gemstones or other cut stones and remember, the more prongs the better. Most faceted cut gemstones are set with at least four, but even better if there are six, prongs. Prongs should be curved and tightly set to secure the gemstone on a brooch.

Pinback clasps can come in many types including c-clasps or rotating clasps to secure the brooch to the clothing garment or coat. These settings are important to value and the look of a brooch.


For seasonal brooches, some of the most popular styles are those that resemble poinsettia plants, evergreen trees, reindeer, wreaths or other winter themes like

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