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See what you can take on your flight

Enter your details in our search tool below and find out how much baggage you can take on your flight.

You can also discover everything you need to know about our baggage policy in our FAQs, from the list of items that are restricted on board to how we transport mobility aids. Plus, learn how to add more bags to your booking.

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Need more baggage for your flight?

If you need to travel with more bags than your free British Airways baggage allowance permits, you can pay to add more by logging in to Manage My Booking.

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Everything you need to know about baggage

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Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees: How to Avoid Bag Fees [2023]

If you regularly hunt for cheap flights to your favorite destinations, you already know that Spirit has some of the best ticket prices in the industry. Historically, Spirit Airlines has offered round-trip flights for as low as $12. But bag fees will cost you more than twice that amount, and Spirit’s standard fare tickets don’t include any bags, even carry-ons.

Baggage fees are a relatively new concept that airlines began collecting a little over a decade ago. Since then, the cost has only increased for most airlines. And it’s not likely to change anytime soon — airlines collectively brought in more than $2.8 billion from bag fees alone in 2020 even though air travel was down by 60% due to the pandemic. So, it’s an important source of revenue for the industry. Luckily, there are some ways to get discounted baggage fees on Spirit — or avoid the cost altogether with the right tactics and credit cards.

Get paid to watch videos while you fly (or anywhere)
Watching videos whenever you’re just chilling on the couch or waiting for your flight to depart can earn you up to an extra $225 every month. That will cover those pesky baggage fees and more. This is a legit way to earn cash, and you can do it with a company called Inbox Dollars.

What is Spirit Airlines’ baggage policy?

Spirit Airlines policy for carry-ons

Spirit Airlines’ baggage allowance allows you to bring on personal item onto the flight for free. That item can’t exceed 18 x 14 x 8 inches including handles and wheels. 

In addition to your free personal item, which could include a small backpack, laptop bag, or purse; you can bring a carry-on bag, so long as it doesn’t exceed 22 x 18 x 10

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