Gucci-Loving Robbed Pastor’s “Wild” Life Revealed

Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead had a rough week. First, he was robbed of $1 million in jewelry during a Sunday sermon. Then the video of the attack went viral, with most of the comments focusing on the pastor’s flashy choices of clothes and luxurious cars. Finally, the media started digging into pastor’s troubled past. The newest revelations come from the whitehead-bishop-robbed.html” data-ylk=”slk:New York Times” class=”link “New York Times. The newspaper revealed Whitehead’s alleged ID theft, fraud, and the “wild life” that predated the crime being caught on camera. Read on to learn more about the controversial bishop and his history.


His Father Was Choked to Death by Police

In 1978 the New York Times reported about a Brooklyn businessman who was strangled in a struggle with police officers. “A 30 year old businessman and community leader in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn was choked to death Wednesday evening by policemen trying to arrest him during a street confrontation,” the newspaper wrote. An autopsy “showed that fatal force had been applied to the larynx of the businessman, Arthur Miller, the father of four children, by a forearm or a police stick.” According to NYT, the youngest of the orphaned kids was a baby who grew up to become bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead.


From Mean Streets to Mortgage Broker

Growing up in a single-parent home “on the mean streets of Brooklyn” wasn’t easy, as the pastor himself admits, but he managed to get an education. “He attended Eastern New Mexico University, where he studied accounting and videography, and returned to Brooklyn, where he went to work as a mortgage broker in Manhattan,” NYT reports.


“Living the High Llife”

The office salary apparently wasn’t enough for the young and ambitious broker. He started to

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