Beauty Diary: ghd Duet Style Review, new 2-in-1 hair tool ‘shocks’ users

A new “hybrid” hair tool that transforms wet hair into a sleek style without causing damage has been described as “unbelievable” by experts and consumers alike.

Ghd spent nine years developing the new Duet Style (and presumably millions of dollars), with the aim of making the arduous process of drying and styling your hair much simpler.

While ghd – an acronym for “good hair day” – is best known for its next-level straighteners, the brand also has a range of other devices, including hair dryers and curlers.

The Duet Style, priced at $595, is a nifty combination of two of its best-sellers: The helios hair dryer and its cult straightener.

As well as cutting down styling time by drying hair strands and straightening in one sitting, the tool also claims to not damage hair in the process, a feat pretty much unheard of in the haircare industry.

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In fact, the technology breakthrough is so huge, even ghd have described it as doing “the impossible”.

Understandably, this has left hair experts and consumers a little sceptical – so Jeroen Temmerman, the brand’s CEO, told’s The Beauty Diary exactly how it works.

“Duet Style, like all ghd tools, has been rigorously tested and has showed no damage to the hair,” Jeroen said.

“There is absolutely no sizzling or burning smell whatsoever. Our scientists have achieved the impossible.

While there have been straightening irons in the past that claim to “dry wet hair”, Jeroen is adamant they wouldn’t have been able to do so safely, making ghd’s creation a “wonder tool”.

“This is a revolution in tech-beauty and our biggest innovation ever,” he said.

“This wonder tool is groundbreaking and will change the way people style their hair – much like the iconic ghd

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