Nutrition Month: ‘Beautrition’ a big 2022 beauty trend

MANILA, Philippines — This Nutrition Month, remember that good nutrition does not only reflect on the right body mass index per height ratio. It can also reflect on the body’s largest organ — the skin.

Good skin that glows is a good sign that the body is generally healthy. 

Below are some nutrient-packed products or measures that can help achieve healthy, glowing skin. 

Kylie Padilla finds new love

?Kylie Padilla has finally found a new love — playing billiards. The “Bolera” lead star has developed passion for the sport as she brings to life the character of Joni, a young female pool prodigy trying to make a name in the male-dominated sport.

“Bolera,” the new GMA-7 show, is Kylie’s highly anticipated TV comeback after years of hiatus. The actress is glowing in kilig once again, having to learn billiards and playing with esteemed legends of the sport: Efren “Bata” Reyes, Rubilen Amit, Francisco Bustamante, and Johann Chua.

Another reason for Kylie’s angelic glow these days is her holistic approach to skincare. She firmly believes that it takes more than using topicals or subscribing to usual regimens to achieve a glowing complexion. For her, it involves being aware of what you put inside your body, as well.

“Ever since pa, I have been conscious of what I take in as I know it will eventually affect the state of my skin,” she said.

“That’s why I feel honored to be chosen as the face of Cheonsa. I swear, itong brand of Korean food supplement, hindi lang siya nakakaganda ng skin, nakakaganda rin ng health condition and disposition. I feel energized every time I use their collagen powder drinks. I checked the label and I must say, super na- impress ako.”

Cheonsa is among the new health and wellness brand in the

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