San Antonio teen impresses with gorgeous customized dress

An adventurous childhood led one San Antonio teen to a skillset that’s brought her a mix of glamorous and fun fashions.

Reese recently got some praise from other fashion-loving locals after she shared some photos of her prom dress on Reddit. On top of the dress being whimsical with its airy tulle skirt, Reese impressed folks on the platform after sharing that she made the dress herself.

“The idea came about when I was shopping for fabric to alter some suit paints for my junior prom,” Reese tells MySA. “I saw the fabric the overskirt is made of and I just knew I had to have it.”

With the exception of the corset, Reese says the entire ensemble – which includes eight yards of the tulle skirt – was sewn without using a pattern. On Reddit, locals noted that the dress looks well-made and recognized Reese for her talent.

The rising senior, who plans to study biology in college, admits that she’s “fantasized” about making her own clothes for some time, which should be no surprise given that she’s been sewing for years. She says her mom first showed her how to sew by hand when she was about 8 years old.

“I was always climbing trees as a kid,” Reese says. “She got tired of stitching up holes in my leggings so she taught me a couple [of] basic stitches.”

A few years later, Reese learned how to maneuver a sewing machine and began expanding her skills with small projects here and there. Within those projects, the teen also played around with making fashion pieces more reflective of her own taste. Instead of making a pirate-style top as we’ve seen in corny Halloween costumes, Reese says she used lace on the sleeves and “plastic gears” to make the blouse a steam-punk style, complete with a black tulle detachable skirt.

Like most folks, Reese admits that she invested more time and energy into her hobby during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I took a course at Abby’s Attic and that really helped build my confidence to tackle projects without my mom’s help,” she says.

One of those projects includes a pair of chili pepper pants that she’s shared on her sewing-dedicated Instagram page, @SewVeryGay. Though she enjoys making pieces for herself, the praise on Reddit and years of experience have prompted the teen to take requests from locals wanting customized pieces of their own.

Some locals have even inquired about Reese making them a wedding dress of their own, which she admits she’s flattered by. Whatever locals decide to request, the teen is excited to share her talent with others.

“I want to share the joy I get from creating with others,” she says. “Seeing myself in something I’ve imagined is arguably one of my favorite feelings, so I want to share that too.”

San Antonians envisioning their perfect look can submit a request to Reese here.

Note: For privacy reasons, Reese has only been referred to by her first name.

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