Princess Diana’s ‘fairytale’ wedding dress from 1981 ‘hasn’t aged well’ – here’s why

Princess Diana and Prince Charles married in a “fairytale” wedding on July 29, 1981. Sadly, the Prince and Princess of Wales divorced in 1996, however, Diana’s wedding dress is still one of the most recognised wedding gowns of all time. Eloise Moran is a superfan of the late Princess Diana and has recently published ‘The Lady Di Look Book’ to showcase all of Diana’s amazing fashion looks.

She is also the creator of the Instagram account @ladydirevengelooks, which was first created in 2018.

The account currently has over 118,000 followers, and it focuses primarily on Diana’s “post-divorce revenge looks”.

Eloise spoke exclusively to about Diana’s wedding dress and offered her unfiltered opinion.

She said: “Diana’s style definitely transformed within 10 years in such a drastic way.

“Every couple of years, it kept changing and evolving.

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“But I do think the wedding dress at the time, compared to all her other dresses that she stepped out for evening events, was definitely for a fairytale Princess.

“She was fitting to the mould of what people wanted to see her in.

“I think people were so excited by her.

“When she first came on the scene, she didn’t really want to let her new family or the public down.

“So I think she dressed in this idea of what a Princess should look like and what a Princess should be,” the fashion expert noted.


She explained: “The key difference between Diana and the other modern royals is she just had an innate sense of style.

“I think she understood fashion and had an interest in it in the way that some of the other royals don’t really.

“I do believe if you have true original style, you’re born with it in a way and you understand clothes.

“I think it ties into her emotional intelligence, she was able to see beyond the clothes and the story they can tell and what they could say.”

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