How to pack your luggage for your flight

Security control rules for cosmetics, foods and alcohol

Liquids may only be taken into the cabin in containers of less than 100 millilitres each. All liquids must fit into a single transparent, resealable plastic bag with a maximum volume of one litre.

Any larger containers of liquid must be placed in your checked hold baggage.

In addition to drinks and other fluids, nearly all cosmetics and a variety of foods are liquids. Liquids include moisturiserstoothpastesmascarasaerosolsgels, canned fruit, fish and meat, frozen foods, butters, cream cheeses, yoghurts, etc.

A good rule of thumb is that if you can spread it, it’s liquid.

Liquid baby foodformula milk and special dietary products are an exception to the above. You may carry the amount you will need during the flight in your hand baggage. A baby is considered to be a child under 2 years of age who travels with a so-called infant ticket and does not have its own seating.

Medications with a prescription may be taken into the cabin in their original packaging which has the passenger’s name on it. On international flights, be sure to check the rules applicable in the country of destination.

Note! Hairspray containers of more than 500 ml are prohibited on the aircraft and may not be carried as hand baggage or checked hold baggage.

Pack any alcoholic beverages into your hold baggage, except those purchased at airports or on aircrafts. Please note that alcohol in excess of 70% is not allowed on aircraft. Remember to check the customs regulations of each country before your flight.

Duty free liquids purchased at airports and on aircrafts may be taken into the cabin of the aircraft. Transfer passengers may carry duty free products through the security control. The products must be packed in a sealed, transparent security bag, as illustrated in the image, and the receipt must be clearly visible.

Tax free security bag

Instructions for scissors, knives, matches, cigarette lighters and electronic tobacco

Scissors, knives, multi-purpose tools, wine bottle openers etc., belong to the hold baggage. Small nail clippers with a blade shorter than six centimetres, as well as knitting needles, may be taken into the cabin as hand baggage.

You may carry one box of matches or cigarette lighter onboard, and you must place it in your pocket. Such items must not be packed in your hand baggage or hold baggage. Make sure that the lighter does not contain any prohibited lighter fluids. On flights to the United States, matches and lighters are completely forbidden.

Electronic cigarettes, e-cigars, e-pipes and corresponding devices that produce vapour must be packed in hand luggage or transported in a pocket or a handbag. They may not be packed in cargo hold luggage.

Carrying electronic equipment and batteries

Consumer devices, such as watches, calculators, cameras, telephones and computers may be carried either as hand baggage or as checked hold baggage. We recommend to pack them in your hand baggage.

Spare batteries and power banks may only be carried in hand baggage.

More information about carrying electronic devices is available here.

How to pack fishing, camping, hunting and skiing equipment

Skis and ice hockey sticks are stored in the cargo hold during the flight. The packing instructions for ice skates and golf clubs vary according to carrier. Some carriers allow transporting them as hand baggage, some do not. We recommend checking this with your carrier before your flight.

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