How AJ Asmar of “Hair Queen Beauty” Dominates the Hair and Beauty Industry

In a world where many women and people of color are constantly overlooked, there is one man who refuses to be silenced. AJ Asmar is the founder of Hair Queen Beauty and Meltdown, two brands making huge strides in the hair and beauty industry in the country. Raised in Palestine, he moved to America at 15 and immediately started working at his father’s hair and beauty company. As a result, he saw firsthand how difficult it was for those with an ethnic background when looking for hair products. As an adult, Asmar decided to do something to fill the growing demand for ethnic beauty products, and Hair Queen Beauty was born. With 6 locations in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, and 25M+ in sales annually, Hair Queen Beauty is one of the fastest-growing ethnic hair and beauty brands today.

The journey to the top began when Asmar was fired from his previous job as a manager in a local beauty supply store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This was a company Asmar had worked for since he was 15 years old, working his way up until becoming a manager. For Asmar, getting fired proved to be a blessing in disguise. After 13 years with the same brand, he suddenly realized he was not exploiting his full potential and could do better. That’s when he unplugged from the worker mentality and tried his hand at entrepreneurship.

Asmar decided he’d go to a smaller city to start his business and moved to Meridian, Mississippi, where he opened his first business, a beauty supply store, in July 2015. Leveraging his experience and skills, he worked hard to establish the brand, and his efforts soon paid off. By the end of his first year as an entrepreneur, Asmar generated over $2.5M in sales, and his life changed for good. Since then, the brand has grown exponentially, and Asmar’s life has never been the same.

Hair Queen Beauty specializes in selling ethnic hair and beauty products, such as wigs, braids, weave styles, body wave extensions, and weaves, for women of color to create their own hairstyles with easy-to-use DIY kits. With a mission to empower women of color through beauty products that allow them to feel confident in themselves, Hair Queen Beauty has taken the industry by storm since its launch.

Six years in, it has positively impacted countless customers’ lives and created employment opportunities for over 100 familes. For Asmar, Hair Queen Beauty is not only a vehicle for financial freedom and success but a tool for social change as well. Once the company started expanding, he decided it would become the dominant retailer in the ethnic hair and beauty space, a goal he’s still pursuing to date. Asmar is also committed to being the first brand to consolidate this multibillion-dollar hair and beauty market while empowering his team to reach their personal, professional, and financial goals.

Asmar recently made another move to dominate this space when he launched Meltdown, a lace glue application system for wigs. Like its predecessor, Meltdown is a widely successful brand that’s currently selling in 500+ retail stores throughout the U.S. Asmar discloses he’s currently completing his most ambitious project yet: the world’s largest hair and beauty supply store with an outrageous 155,000 sq. ft. brick-and-mortar location in Nashville, TN.

Here’s a statement from Asmar regarding his project “We just launched The Retail University Training Technology that’s going to impact millions of retail business owners globally and here’s how.

The Retail University is a Virtual Interactive Training Technology Platform that I developed to helped me scale my business and turn my self from a business operator to a business owner.

After over 20 years of retail experience I’ve realized that a lot of Retailers are leaving a lot of money on the table by not properly training managers and sales team.

I’ve developed a new way train my team that is fitting for the new world we live in.

The Retail University Training Technology  is a virtual and interactive platform that has short videos that is accessible by your phone, laptop or iPad. It’s a program that would also have daily reporting sent via text or email so that business owners can hold their staff accountable. I believe that in-order to have an effective training you need these for Keys.

  1. Good Content
  2. Accountability
  3. Repetition
  4. Practice and Role play

The Retail University can also help the average person start a retail business, online or brick mortar and has a step-by-step strategies that I’ve used to scale my business from zero to 100 million.


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Founded by AJ Asmar”

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