Gucci Mane Urges Rappers To Stop “Dissin The Dead” In New Music Video

After recently shocking rap fans by disrespecting the dead, Gucci Mane appears to have had a change of heart. Now, he’s urging rappers to stop “Dissin the Dead” in his new song and music video.

The track, which was produced by ATL Jacob, TM88, TooDope, and Akachi, finds Guwop voicing his remorse for playing a part in sparking the trend, as he drawls, “I know I should be more careful with the sh*t that I said/ I feel like I started a trend, they never gon’ stop/ They gon’ keep dissin’ the dead.”

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Shot by Omar The Director and taking place in Atlanta, the accompanying visual finds Gucci roaming the grounds of a graveyard while delivering his bars and donning a menacing mask at various points in the clip.

Over the past decade, rap artists and their affiliates speaking ill of the dead has become commonplace, with some going as far as desecrating their foe’s grave in certain instances. In his own 2012 song, “The Truth,” Gucci referenced Pookie Loc, an affiliate of former rival Young Jeezy who was killed by Gucci in self-defense during a 2005 home invasion. In 2020, during hisgucci-mane-682803/” data-ylk=”slk:Verzuz battle” class=”link “> Verzuz battle against Jeezy, Guwop infamously rehashed the topic by playing “The Truth” as one of his selections during the evening.

Apparently, Gucci Mane isn’t the only rapper looking to kill the trend of degrading the dead, as Wiz Khalifa also put out a P.S.A. regarding the matter on social media last year. “As entertainers, lets try some sh*t next year. Minding our own business,” the Taylor Gang rapper wrote. “Not dis respecting each others family, dead homies, or area they come from. Stop using someone else’s significant other as a one up to the other person. Actually showing the same love you expect to get.”

See Gucci Mane’s “Dissin The Dead” music video above.

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