Grey hair care tips will leave you feeling ‘confident and sexy’

Grey hair is an inevitability for most people as they age, and though it is common to cover up greys with hair dye, many women are embracing their silver locks. Beauty and style influencer Meagan is one of these women and says she has been able to “fall in love” with her grey hair thanks to mastering some essential hair care tips.

She claims she has “the best going grey secrets”, which she shared in a video to her audience of 305K followers on the TikTok page @meaganonline.

Whether you have been grey for some time or have decided to grow out your silver hair, Meagan says it’s important to make decisions that will ensure your happiness. “Don’t let anyone tell you what your journey should look like,” she said.

“There is no one way to go grey. The only way that is the right way is the way that makes you feel confident and sexy. Once I learned how to master these tips my hair has never been healthier in my entire life.”

As grey, white or silver hairs begin to grow, you may notice that the colour is not the only change on your head.  Greying hairs are typically coarser and thicker too. For some people, this also means an increase in dryness.

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Although the structure of the hair strands has not changed, as the melanin-producing cells run out of steam, the hair follicles also produce less natural oils which results in a wiry texture.

“First and foremost, grey hair isn’t just about a change in colour,” explained Meagan. “It’s a change in texture, it’s a change in moisture levels, it’s a change in the state of fragility. There is a lot going on.

“The right cut or non-cut is everything. Find a style that makes you feel confident, whether that means cutting it off to a sassy bob or letting it grow out gracefully.”

Meagan also recommends finding the right hair products to incorporate into your routine. This includes shampoos or toners which will “cool brassy” tones and “keep you bright and white”.

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She also recommends looking for a nourishing and smoothing shampoo to help your hair retain moisture and beat any small, frizzy hairs you may notice.

“Clarifying shampoo has a whole new meaning now,” she said. “Although you want to use this sparingly, you still need to keep it as part of your routine.

“This is going to combat the yellowing pollutants, the hard water build-up, the product build-up, things that are going to work to turn your beautiful whites brassy and yellow.

“Because your hair is more porous, fragile and dry if you use heat on your hair you need to make sure that you are putting good protein back in.

“You want to look at a good protein mask about once a month.” But, she warns that there is one cause of “yellowing” hair which can not be reversed with shampoo.

Meagan explained: “The sun, did you know that it can turn your greys yellow? It’s somewhat like sunburn to your grey hair and it’s a very real thing that can not be reversed. Wear a hat if you’re in the sun, by the pool or by the lake for extended periods of time.”

After shampooing, the style expert recommends reaching for a good deep-conditioning shampoo or treatment. “Deep conditioning is no longer optional,” she added.

“You are going to want to deep condition your hair about once a week to add that moisture back in.” Opting for a leave-in conditioning treatment will also help to smooth down any flyaway or frizzy hairs.

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