Newcastle keeper Loris Karius dates stunning TV presenter Diletta Leotta, while his exes include a Made In Chelsea star

NEWCASTLE goalkeeper Loris Karius is proving there’s nothing wrong with his catching ability.

The German shotstopper, who famously committed two clangers in a Champions League final defeat to Real Madrid, could be in line to start his first game for the Toon, with Nick Pope suspended.

Ladies man Loris Karius has an impressive list of ex-girlfriends


Ladies man Loris Karius has an impressive list of ex-girlfriendsCredit: Instagram@loriskarius
Diletta Leotta is Loris Karius' current girlfriend


Diletta Leotta is Loris Karius’ current girlfriendCredit: Instagram @dilettaleotta
Leotta is an Italian TV presenter


Leotta is an Italian TV presenterCredit: @dilettaleotta
Karius and Leotta went public about their romance on Instagram


Karius and Leotta went public about their romance on InstagramCredit: Instagram @dilettaleotta

But despite his troubles on the pitch, off it the handsome star, 29, is a pin-up of the game – attracting the world’s most stunning women.

The Thor-lookalike now dates the very beautiful Italian TV presenter Diletta Leotta.

And in the past, he’s enjoyed romances with reality TV stars and a fitness model.

This is his impressive ex-list.

Janine Wiggert

Karius’ most recent girlfriend was this gorgeous beauty influencer, who boasts over 1.3million followers on Instagram.

They reportedly began their courtship when he spent time at Hertha Berlin, where she lives.

Beauty influencer Janine Wiggert was a former girlfriend


Beauty influencer Janine Wiggert was a former girlfriendCredit: Instagram / @janinewiggert

The 30-year-old mother-of-two likes to share her lifestyle on social media, enjoying luxury holidays and showing off her incredible bikini body in sexy snaps.

According to German media, things got serious – with Wiggert visiting Karius in England.

Sophia Thamalla

German TV presenter and actress Thamalla, 33, was in a romance with Karius for two years, but she now dates tennis star Alexander Zverev.

Their relationship was already said to be on the way out, after he was spotted kissing another woman on holiday in Mykonos.

German TV presenter Sophia Thomalla dated Karius for two years


German TV presenter Sophia Thomalla dated Karius for two yearsCredit: Instagram / @sophiathomalla
Rumours swirled that Karius cheated on Sophia


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How a group of ‘imperfect’ models in Italy are redefining beauty

A project on Instagram to highlight ordinary women and their imperfections has transformed into a modeling agency that aims to redefine notions of beauty in Italy.

The L’Imperfetta (Imperfect) modeling agency, started in 2020 by Carlotta Giancane, has a casting book full of models who defy the industry’s pre-established standards of beauty.

They are of all sizes and ages, spanning the gender spectrum, some with disabilities or medical conditions like alopecia or vitiligo, visible scarring or who have lost limbs.

Such agencies have existed elsewhere in Europe and the US. This is the first in Italy though.

Sonia Sparta is one of the models. A 28-year-old from Sicily, she has heard adults whisper to children that she was from the circus when they saw the dark spots on her face and body, the result of a form of hyperpigmentation.

Read more: Is beauty a curse? Beautiful people are apparently aggrieved by their looks

While she once tried to conceal her condition, she now is conscious of her beauty.

“I changed things so that my weakness, or how I perceived a weakness, became my source of strength, my distinctiveness.” she said.

During a recent photo shoot in Rome, models of all shapes posed in underwear, wrapped in sheer organza.

“I feel like a revolutionary because I realise that around me all this did not exist before L’Imperfetta,” Giancane said. “It feels like a revolution, a battle to fight hard, because there are so many difficulties.”

L’Imperfetta counts more than 140 models. According to Giancane, they are both in Italy and abroad, but the agency is focused in Italy because that is where it wants to change things.

Claudia La Rosa who has a Nevus of Ota (a form of dermal melanocytosis) is one of the models featured by L'Imperfetta. Photo: APClaudia La Rosa who has a Nevus of Ota (a form of dermal melanocytosis) is one of the models featured by

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Locked-up merchandise deters theft, but have retailers gone too far?

When the pandemic threat eased, Maureen Holohan was eager to scale back her online shopping and return to physical stores so she could more easily compare prices and scour ingredients on beauty and health care products for herself and her three children.

But that experience was short-lived. In the past six months or so, CVS, Target, and other retailers where Ms. Holohan shops have been locking up more everyday items like deodorant and laundry detergent as a way to reduce theft. And the Chevy Chase, Maryland, resident is now back to shopping online or visiting stores where she doesn’t have to wait for someone to retrieve products.

“I know they’ve got to do something, but locking the stuff up definitely just has me walking by that aisle,” said Ms. Holohan, a business consultant.

Across the retail landscape, businesses have been putting items under lock and key as a quick way to stop thieves. Some are considering extreme measures, including Rite Aid Corp., whose chief retail officer Andre Persaud told analysts on an earnings call late last year that it’s looking at “literally putting everything behind showcases to ensure the products are there for customers who want to buy it.” It’s also considering using off-duty police officers at some of its stores.

But by trying to solve one problem, these businesses may be creating another: turning off shoppers with overreaching measures.

“Everything has changed. We used to be catered to,” said Sheila Schlegel of Queens, New York.

But now, “if you’re coming to the store, there’s one person at that store, and that person you can tell has been there for 15 hours,” said Ms. Schlegel, who recalled an incident where she waited for a sales clerk to unlock an item only to be told he didn’t have the

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Shoppers to face fresh price hikes as stores, suppliers pass on costs

  • Grocery costs seen rising further in 2023 -executives, analysts
  • Input costs exacerbated by Ukraine war
  • Retailers seeking to pass on high raw material costs
  • Unilever, Nestle, Danone to report results this month
  • Cost inflation likely to be a feature – analysts

LONDON, Feb 8 (Reuters) – Shoppers around the world will pay even more for groceries this year than they did in 2022, according to retailers, consumer goods firms and investors, unless commodity costs decline or the shift to cheaper store-brand products accelerates.

Retailers and consumer goods producers have been stuck in tough price negotiations for more than a year now, with friction beginning in 2021 over COVID-related supply chain logjams.

This has since ballooned into fights over the high cost of raw materials and energy in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with rising prices of basic foodstuffs from bread to milk and meat exacerbating a cost-of-living crisis in Europe.

Britons paid a record 16.7% more for food in the four weeks to Jan. 22 compared to the same period last year, according to research firm Kantar. The U.S. food index, including meals eaten at home and in cafes and restaurants, increased 10.4% for the year ended in December.

Mark Schneider, CEO of the world’s biggest food group Nestle, last week told a German newspaper it would have to raise prices of its food products further this year to offset higher production costs that it has yet to fully pass on to consumers.

“Investors will pay a premium for companies that exhibit pricing power in their portfolio without adversely impacting volumes and market share,” Jack Martin, a fund manager at Oberon Investments, said.

Big, packaged-goods companies’ margins have been squeezed by higher input costs for over a year as the price of ingredients like wheat and sunflower

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Who are Tyler’s Fashion Influencers?

Though Tyler is far from the fashion capitals of the world like New York or Paris, you don’t have to look hard to find evidence of thriving fashion creatives making their mark in the city. Name brands, flashy jewelry, triple-digit price tags and vintage and thrift finds hold prominence in Tyler, despite a long-standing love for casual apparel (Racquet and Jog tee paired with leggings, anyone?).

With social media’s inspiration at the fingertips, anyone can be a fashion influencer, regardless of their style’s popularity or budget. Trends are widespread and offer a variety of looks, even where there is no precedent. Rather than being a means of simply getting dressed, Tyler’s fashion has evolved to include more expressive and even extravagant styles.

To get a scope of Tyler’s fashion scene over time, we spoke with four Tyler residents engaged in the sartorial world. Despite differing opinions on the state of fashion in Tyler, all four agreed: Tyler has room for improvement. 

Shelby Mallard, 24, is a fashion influencer living in Tyler. Mallard has trail-blazed Tyler’s fashion scene through her brand, Cowgirl Barbie.

Mallard began marketing Cowgirl Barbie in 2020 by opening an online retail business under the name. Though the business is out of commission, the Cowgirl Barbie aesthetic has become Mallard’s personal look.

Mallard spent a year in Dallas after college before moving back to Tyler. When comparing style in both cities, she noted Tyler’s lack of sartorial expression. In a region where t-shirts and gym shorts are standard errand-running fare, Mallard said living in a larger city gave her more fashion freedom.

“I definitely felt more comfortable wearing what I wanted in Dallas,” she said. “You don’t see people wearing fur coats to grocery shop here.” 

Mallard feels the aesthetics, resources and environment of bigger cities allow fashion

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Rihanna’s Best Fashion Moments | Time

Among her many titles as the reigning multihyphenate of our time, Rihanna’s status as a fashion icon may be the one that best encapsulates the power and reach of her cultural influence. While the bad gal has always marched to the beat of her own style drum, she’s also used her love of fashion to send a message and start multiple businesses, even making history in the process.

Rihanna has always been known for her fearlessness, and that extends to her fashion sensibility. There are few celebrities that move as easily on the Met Gala red carpet in an avant garde Comme des Garçons ensemble as they do in self-referential streetwear as Rihanna does.

She’s been named a “fashion icon” by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, had fashion collaborations with the likes of Armani and Puma, been a brand ambassador for fashion houses like Dior, and launched her own fashion and beauty lines, including Savage x Fenty lingerie and athletic wear, and her now-paused luxury offering, Fenty, an LVMH-backed brand that was the first luxury line at the fashion conglomerate to be headed up by a Black woman. Which is to say, when it comes to fashion, Rihanna is a veritable powerhouse and with her biggest stage yet headlining this year’s halftime show at Super Bowl LVII, there’s no doubt that there will plenty more memorable fashion looks to look forward to. With that in mind, we’re taking a look back at Rihanna’s best fashion moments over the years.

Grammys, February 2013

For the 2013 Grammys, Rihanna turned up the heat in a bright red custom gown with a dramatic train from Azzedine Alaia.

NBA Game, April 2013

Rihanna walks off the court following the NBA game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers in Los Angeles, on April 7, 2013. (Christian Petersen—Getty Images)

Rihanna walks off the court following the NBA game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers

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Al Hamra Real Estate Co. Brings Popular New Stores to its Shopping Center

Elevating its customers’ overall shopping experience, Al Hamra Real Estate Co. is proud to announce the opening of popular local and international high-end brands, featuring the best of fashion, retail and food & beverage. Now available at its Shopping Center, the expansion through its six new stores comes as part of the iconic contemporary lifestyle destinations mission to accommodate customers with the latest trends and fulfil evolving demands under one roof. 

Driven by a modern consumer-centric culture, the exciting new fashion and beauty brands include Zahi, Al Ostoura and Decaar cosmetics followed by unique restaurant concepts such as b+f Open Flame Kitchen and Live Life Cafe, in addition to leading grocery retailer, Sultan Center. Visitors now have quicker access to a wide portfolio of day-to-day crucial and value-added products in a variety of departments including bakery, meat, cheese, household items such as electronics, kitchenware, sports and garments as well as other local and global products from across the world.

Catering to Kuwait’s fashion-forward community, soon to be launched – Zahi, weaves together an assortment of eclectic men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, bags and accessories to suit all tastes. Offering the latest collections by legendary and luxury brands like Moschino, Chloe, Emilio Pucci and Dries Van Noten, Al Ostoura operates more than 40 monobrand and multi-brand boutiques in Kuwait, representing over 150 top designer brands.

Visitors can expect exceptional tastes through b+f Open Flame Kitchen, an upscale designer restaurant concept that serves high-end globally influenced food items. Guests not only enjoy a wide range of gourmet food products but also the entertainment created by “flame cooking”, guaranteeing suspense and action for the diners through flashes of fire and displays of cooking skills by the chef. Those in search of a breakfast adventure can indulge in delightful sandwiches, cookies, fresh juices,

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KONDA: Impulse buying contributes to US’ materialistic culture

Sometimes, people buy things on impulse. It does not sound too bad now and then – buying a cheap trinket while you are out grocery shopping. No, you do not need it, but there is no actual harm done to your bank account, and you feel satisfied with your new addition.

Corporations are fully aware of these behaviors and take advantage of consumer tendencies by employing marketing tactics such as product placement. While carefully considering how people might react to specific products that are displayed in certain ways, businesses have already determined the probability of your purchase. For instance, buying a candy bar while checking out is more common when it’s easily accessible in the moment. 

The problem is continuous impulsive buying — coming home with at least one thing you do not need or clicking the ‘order’ button on an online shopping site. A survey by Slickdeals found that 64 percent of adults in the U.S. increasingly bought on impulse, and 61 percent felt happy afterward. 

Buying something random could positively affect your mood — and it makes sense. But, you could find yourself depending on doing so to help you get through the day. The more you buy, the better you feel. You might end up spending more money each time, going from $10 to $20.

In fact, Americans increased their spending by 18 percent from January through April 2020. Slickdeals’ CEO Josh Meyers says impulse buying can be smart as people take advantage of bulk deals. On the other hand, it could be detrimental.

The truth is that products expire. Whether it’s denoted in a label on the packaging or expires in terms of its social popularity, people end up with things they do not need, and this contributes to consumerism.

Consumerism is described as materialistic

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Scentre sales hit a record $26.7 billion as shoppers flock back to malls

To keep the malls relevant, Scentre completed a record 3409 lease deals during the year, an increase of 912 on the year prior. This included 2232 renewals and 1177 new merchants, of which 288 are new brands to the portfolio.


For the year, the retail landlord reported funds from operations (FFO) of $1.04 billion, up 20.6 per cent on the 2022 year, and a final distribution of 8.2¢, taking the annual payment to15.75¢, payable on February 28.

Total occupancy was 98.9 per cent, with dining, fashion, health and beauty and jewellery tenants all recording sales growth of close to 30 per cent over the year. The much-maligned department and discount department sales were also stronger at 17 per cent and 21.1 per cent respectively.

Scentre Group also has a hefty development pipeline, and in the past year completed Stage 1 of the $355 million investment in Westfield Knox in Melbourne, including new Woolworths and ALDI supermarkets which opened in December 2022.

There has also been upgrades at Westfield Mt Druitt, including a new rooftop dining, entertainment and leisure precinct, and at Westfield Penrith, with a new fresh food precinct featuring Coles, ALDI, and a Tong Li supermarket.


Rusanow said there was also evidence that shoppers prefer to come back to bricks and mortar stores, and tenants are responding by offering interactive experiences and a wider range of goods that can’t be bought online.

“What we saw during last year is that that level of penetration of online actually reduced back to pre-pandemic levels. And people are happy to leave their homes and come out and interact on a physical level,” he said.

In a recent survey of retailers by CBRE, it reveals there are new store openings on the drawing board amid a renewed focus on bricks-and-mortar

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Eggs were the bizarre trend at New York Fashion Week

An emerging trend is on the horizon, and we really weren’t egg-specting it. (We’re sorry in advance for the egg puns.)

While New York Fashion Week 2023 highlighted so many new trends you can shop now, as well as street style everyone is wearing, it turns out that eggs might be making their way into our wardrobes. 

Eggs are a staple in most refrigerators. They’re perfect as a breakfast food, as a baking ingredient… the list goes on and on. One thing, however, we never expected eggs to be was fashionable.

A few months ago, we saw a TikTok on the account @nailedbynika of a nail artist creating a 3D egg on an acrylic nail. It was actually pretty cute, in a surrealist, supermarket fashion kind of way. 

This wasn’t a super shocking or questionable design in our opinion, seeing as we’ve seen a myriad of quirky patterns become popular over the last few years – for example, cow print, or even the very controversial emergence of chevron. 

Lisa Says Gah!, a popular, ethical fashion brand that sells their products mainly online, also indulges in selling clothes with fun, food-related patterns. They have a popular white t-shirt called their Dana Long Sleeve with a baguette on it, for example – or you could peruse their Italian Summer Collection, which has prints on pants, shirts, and dresses that feature cans of sardines, bottles of wine, grape tomatoes, and more. 

New York Fashion Week eggs

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Recently, at the Puppet and Puppet show at New York Fashion week, we saw another food-related clothing item emerge – an egg bra. Pictured above, this egg bra was made with a group of variously shaped black crystals, and boasts sunnyside eggs in a position that perfectly covers the model’s nipples. 

Some models were given egg bras that

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