9 Spring Fashion Styling Ideas to Apply to Your Outfits

The skies are brighter, the leaves are greener, and I was able to leave the house without wearing 12 layers this weekend. It’s official, spring is on its way, and outfits for the season ahead are collectively on the minds of editors from across the industry. At Who What Wear, we take great pride in showcasing the latest trends but in a considered way. We never advise that you subscribe blindly to them; instead, we like to think that we help you to cherrypick the best and most sensible for you and how you express yourself through style.

Still, as something of an anti-trend dresser myself, the thing I love most about being a Who What Wear editor is the fact that I’m encouraged to help you focus on maximising the wearability of the pieces already hanging in your wardrobe. So today, with spring on my mind, I decided to track down an array of simple spring fashion styling ideas that you can apply to your existing wares and will ensure you get the season off to a stylish start.

For such ideas, I headed directly to Instagram, where I swiftly found nine outfits that are perfect for spring. These looks boast easy tweaks and failsafe pairings that will help set your attire apart and will better utilise items you likely already own, too. Scroll on to see them.

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